We Don't Care

by Thirteen Towers

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released May 6, 2013

Mike Yaary -- drums
Edson Hinostroza -- bass
Jeff Skinner -- left guitar
Xavier Pena -- right guitar
Mike Tolbert -- lead vocals

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jeff Skinner. All songs Thirteen Towers.



all rights reserved


Thirteen Towers Fairfax, Virginia

Thirteen Towers is a ska-punk band from Fairfax VA. Buy our music on Bandcamp.com or thirteentowers.com for the lowest prices. Our full length album is also available on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos, videos and information about upcoming shows. Email booking@thirteentowers.com to book shows. ... more

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Track Name: Arna Valley
It was a magical place, the junkies came to freebase. You might run into a bunch of people who wanna punch you in the face. Nothing could ever replace the realities that I faced. Fell in love with a bunch of people who got in my face

(chorus) and now, I got nothing to do. And now, I don’t know what to do. And now, I’m feeling really confused. And now, I don’t know what to do about those Arna Valley Blues.

It was an easy display. A new change underway. Moving out the minorities with immigration raids. I wander back to the day, just before the decay. Before they gentrified the neighborhood and pushed the poor away.
Track Name: Bumped Your Head
Did you feel that the last 8 years are worth more than a mother’s tears?
Coming to terms with her fears. Knowing death is closing near.
Tell her it’s for democracy. In this global conspiracy. A born-credo, can’t you see?
Her only child will cease to breathe

You must’ve bumped your head. Now you’re talking crazy. Have you lost your mind? Now you’re talking crazy from insanity taking over your mind???

Do you feel in a police state, every citizen controls their fate. A little help arriving late, causing families to begin to hate. To demand their sacrifice, as you alter their way of life for the benefit of greater good. Don’t wanna hear it, I’m not in the mood.
Track Name: Matilda
You can call me on the phone. You can even knock down my door. Find yourself all alone; I don’t want you anymore. Said you can’t take a hint. I’ve been on the run ever since. Re-appeared madly obsessed. Codependent and possessed.
(Maldita!) Na, na, na. (Obsession!) Na, na, na. Maldita, obsession.
You can stew and you can boil. You can threaten to cut off my balls. Reminisce of the good times and all the love you feel inside. But as you hunt me down, the glaze in your eyes says it all. Without you I can’t survive, no need for you to be alive.
It’s too late to apologize. I can see right through your disguise. You need clinical advice, medication to devise a little sanity. Do it for humanity. You’ll awake with a clearer head, fully strapped down to your bed.
Track Name: Metro Area
Let’s go! We invite you to the metro area. Come for the culture, homicidal torture, ‘cause people here are ??? all the time in the metro area. We got many ??? you can take ??? just get shanked for a few bucks or your pocket change in the metro area. But no matter what, this is our home, just remember not to walk alone in the city when it’s late at night.

And then it got real bad … I don’t understand what you’re ???, man. Home invasion, social degradation and it seems real sad. How it all collapsed and then time elapsed. Human evolution with no solution.

We’re the epicenter of our modern democracy, but they we drilled a great big hole through society and divide it from within, in the metro area. We cut people off on the roads and tailgate you if you drive to slow. We’ll finally run you off the road in the metro area. But no matter what, this is our home, just remember not to walk alone in the city when it’s late at night.